Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting Ready

Well, most of my Christmas shopping is done. Now I need to get stuff shipped. I think I'm going to pass on doing a ton of baking this year. I'd have to squeeze it all into this week and I just don't know if I want to pressure myself that much.

Tom is having The Bea$t de-winterized this coming Friday. We'll load it up over the weekend and take off on Tuesday for South Carolina where we'll stay until Saturday, then head out for Florida for two full weeks.

We've made some nice changes to The Bea$t. It is so much nicer and feels more like "Us."

The first change we made was to the bedroom. It went from this....

To this...

I couldn't find a photo of the old television. It was a really old one that required a analog to digital converter. Gone and replaced with an HD flat screen.

Next was the mirror backsplash behind the sink, counter and stove. I'm not all that fond of constantly seeing myself reflected while cooking or washing dishes, or even catching a glimpse of myself across the walkway sitting at the dining table. It's a little unnerving.

So Tom pulled it off and now it looks a lot cleaner. We also replaced the faucet.

The biggest project so far was the flooring. The light blue carpeting was stained, ugly and difficult to clean.

We opted for a vinyl peel and stick tile that looks like driftwood. I like it so much better.

So there you have it. Oh wait. We made one more little change.

The Bea$t has tons of storage. So much so that we have a hard time filling up all the drawers, closets and pantry shelves. Tom decided to take one of these drawers in the hallway and convert it...

I mean, we couldn't possibly be expected travel without a decent wine cellar could we?

I think we're ready to travel.

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