Sunday, February 9, 2014

No, Is The Answer

The question: Is it Spring yet?

First we got ice. The tree limbs have been so heavy with ice accumulation, they almost touch the ground.

February 2014 photo 002_zpse3815ba1.jpg

February 2014 photo 001_zps4a74d7d5.jpg

February 2014 photo 006_zps09c52314.jpg

February 2014 photo 009_zps57c2fc52.jpg

And a couple of days later, we got snow.

The pond is frozen solid several inches and the snow accumulated on top of it.

 photo 001_zps839c2ee6.jpg

 photo 004_zps85d797d4.jpg

Birds are walking through the light snow on the edge of the patio searching for shelter.

 photo 005_zpscac9c001.jpg

More snow and ice is forecasted for Monday and Tuesday. I can't wait. {/sarcasm}


Sage said...

LOL at the bird footprints. We had those on our back deck. Is it spring? No...we are expecting snow Wednesday.

Really nice photos, Terri.

I'm anxiously awaiting spring, too.

Terri said...

Hi Sage. I can't wait for spring either. The last weather system barely missed us so we didn't get any more snow or ice, but the cold is getting to me. Can you tell I have cabin fever? :(