Friday, September 28, 2012

Some Things Friday for September 28, 2012

Some Things I Love:

1. This photo.....

My daughter-in-law Kathy took this photo of my granddaughter Zoey when they were at Disneyland in July. Tom's dad had given the girls baseball caps (AND money, because that's what Great Grandpas do) when they were here visiting the week before. I captioned and printed the photo for Great Grandpa. He loved it. I also printed one for myself for my photo wall in the office. I just think she is adorable. I know. I'm sickeningly bias.

2. Finally some nice weather.

3. A good haircut.

4. A nice walk on a cool morning.

5. Listening to the rain at night just before I fall asleep.

Some Things I Hate:

1. Mosquitoes. They are horrible now.

2. Being at the mercy of insurance companies.

3. All the post-it notes strewn all over the desk with just 3 or 4 words written on them. Note to self: Throw. Them. Away!

4. A bad movie. It's such a waste of my time.

5. Celebrity headlines.

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. Have you noticed the increasing prevalence of ignorance? I mean real ignorance, as in ones inability to observe a situation and come to a reasonable or rational conclusion. A lot of people simply have not developed any thinking or reasoning skills. It's astounding. What's happening in our schools? In our homes? What are we teaching ~ or not teaching ~ our children and young adults? It's scary.

2. People who wear flip flops on their dirty feet. Ick.

3. I assume you've seen Romney's "47%" video in which he informs his supporters that there are people in our society who actually believe they are entitled to food and housing. Seriously? I didn't know those things were optional. They're sort of like essential for staying alive. Besides, if half of Americans are victims, wouldn't that make the other half perpetrators?

4. Beauty pageants for little girls. I get that Miss America and Miss Universe is a 'scholarship' pageant wrapped in a bikini and formal gown, but what is it for little girls? Why do parents feel the need to exploit their baby and toddler daughters (and sometimes their sons) so they can win a contest for being cute?

5. Why some people read my blog (on purpose), then go off somewhere else and rant and complain about what I wrote?

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Anonymous said...

She loves that hat because it's from Great Grandpa. BTW, we were standing in line at the Haunted Mansion and this man with his family asked about the hat. Apparently, they were visiting Disneyland from somewhere right near Conway!