Saturday, September 8, 2012

And let me tell you why....

Yes, I've been back from vacation for two weeks now. The longer I'm back, the deeper my funk grows. I want to be somewhere else.

So, in an effort to cheer myself up this afternoon, I thought I would visit some my old favorite blogs through whom I could find much needed cheer vicariously.

What used to be all sunshine and rainbows at the blog of a suburban mommy who was ready to move into her dream home is currently paragraphs filled with the remnants of an apparently ugly divorce and thoughts of suicide. Holy shit!

Moving on to the next one, the funny lady with the charming husband and cute dogs is spewing hate for couples with babies and resentment because she doesn't or can't have one. Next....

The sweet, touching story of a husband whose wife is battling cancer are now the brief, mournful cries of loss and new found loneliness.

Jesus. I am NOT feeling uplifted. Where are the damn bootstraps on flip flops anyway??


gina knuppenburg said...

There's rainbows and butterflies over at my place. Just don't look past a couple of weeks ;)

Seriously...hope you're feeling better soon?

Terri said...

Not just rainbows and butterflies. Lots of wedding gowns, cakes, candles and other wonderful uplifting images. Thanks.