Friday, March 16, 2012

What The Hell Is A Pillar Party?

I saw the headline in our local newspaper, the Log Cabin Democrat, "Video: Pillar Party". I watched the video and almost threw up. A "Pillar Party" is a special and exclusive pre-party for the 'Pillars' of the community that was held prior to the annual, open-to-the-public, organized-and-implemented-by-volunteers Jeans and Bling fundraiser for the United Way of Central Arkansas. Apparently, to be considered a 'Pillar of the Community' by the United Way, you must donate $1,000 or more to the United Way annually.

Yes, this bothers me. I find the concept highly offensive. I know people who volunteer countless hours for often more than one organization. They may or may not have a lot of money, but they care enough to generously give their time, energy and expertise to organizations that could not even exist without their volunteers. Yet their generosity is barely acknowledged.

I know money is important. Most organizations cannot function without it. But to elevate the financial donors above every other type of donor is disrespectful, insulting and snobbish. I forgot one more: rude.

But I suppose I'm just being uppity again.


Anonymous said...

I had much the same reaction as you did when I read the article. And no, you're not being uppity, but I think the United Way is.
Gravel Gertie

Rickey said...

The United Way is one of the biggest farces out there. In a nutshell, they throw parties to collect money. The past years of corruption are apprehensible. Do some google research on etc. If you call the United Way in need of help, they give you phone numbers usually of volunteers. The benny packages for CEO are outrages. 2-3 years with full retirement, housing allowances, clothing allowances, cars party funds, etc. One CEO of the UW in Salinas had over 50 Show Horses bought by the United Way funds. When she was discovered, she did not apologize. She said she just loved horses. So do i but I BUY mine. Really, if you want to vomit, do some research. The United Way is a Pet peeve of mine. Sorry, you struck a nerve.