Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Yesterday I wanted to wear the beaded peace sign earrings Tom gave me for Christmas, but when I looked for them, I couldn't find them.

I looked everywhere. My jewelry box. The bathroom. My purse. Our travel bag (since we took a trip to Reno in December). I couldn't find them anywhere.

Then last night I had a dream about finding the earrings. The dream was very specific, but when I woke up this morning, the only thing I could remember about the dream was that I found the earrings, but I couldn't recall where I had found them.

This morning I tried hard to remember where in the dream I found the earrings, but my recollection was foggy. At best, all I could remember was finding them.

I had to be still and quiet.

I went to my bedroom and looked around, thinking it would jog my dream memory. It didn't.

I walked from my bedroom, through the entryway, into the living room and stood very quiet waiting for some recognition.

As I stood there in the middle of the living room floor completely befuddled, I closed my eyes and watched my dream re-play out in my head.

I opened my eyes, walked over to the couch and lifted the cushion where I usually sit to reveal the covered foundation beneath. There were a few crumbs, but nothing else. My immediate thought was, I need to vacuum this.

I reached my hand down underneath where the foundation and the arm come together, wrapped my fingers around the objects I felt there and pulled them up. My beaded peace sign earrings. Freakin' spooky.

I've been wearing those earrings all day and will put them in my small jewelry case tonight when I take them off.

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