Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Narrative Continues

I am in the process of doing my own laundry. Yay, me!! One load in the washer and two more on the floor of my bedroom. I have seriously neglected my own personal requirements.

There's another load of laundry in the trunk of my car from the Clothes Closet. Really nasty, dirty stuff. I left the stuff in the box it came in and I might even wear gloves to go through it. Yep, it's that bad. I was tempted to just toss it all in the trash, but I thought better of it. It's that "good steward" in me.

On another subject, a thick legal sized envelope arrived in the mail last Saturday. It was a lovingly handwritten chronicle of my past from my father's only living sibling, with photos and copies of other typed letters from distant family members. Not my past specifically, but that of my fraternal PATERNAL grandmother and great-grandparents. The information I've been seeking for the last three or four years.

My aunt's letter is very warm and personal. It describes in detail my grandmother's family history, with many anecdotes about her sister and brother, an aunt and uncle I didn't even know I had. My aunt describes her own childhood during the great depression, including the three years during high school when she lived with her grandmother and grandfather in North Dakota and, after high school graduation, working her way through college. She didn't hold back expressing feelings about my dad and, in particular, my mom. When you're almost 90 years old, you don't have any reason to hold back.

When I finish with my late mother-in-laws cookbook, I think I might just sit down and write my family saga. It won't be in the realm of Tolstoy, Melville or Steinbeck, but there are enough characters in our family to make it somewhat interesting.


gina said...

Sounds ambitious!! You should share some of that interesting-ness here :)

Trish said...

Sounds like my rant against people who call the parade I grew up with something OTHER than the Tournament of Roses Parade. If you use the word "Bowl" anywhere in there I'll shoot you.

Similarly, only someone who has never seen a Caesar's salad could put mayo, olives or tomats on the salad. Let alone serve it in a teeny martini glass!

This is a similar reason as to why I often cook our romantic V-day dinners!

Terri said...

So do I Trish. If something doesn't turn out, I have only myself to blame. But, of course, it always turns out ;)