Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November NaBloPoMo - Day Two

I picked a great month to do this, didn't I?

I didn't even explain what it was that I was doing. National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is an annual event where bloggers post every single day during the month of November. A daily prompt (question or thought) is provided, but I'm not required to use them. I believe the prompts are for those of us who are feeling somewhat creatively weary, which I am, as you probably already knew if you read my post yesterday.

So, yes, I'm planning to post every single day this month and for today...well, what I know for sure is that I didn't win the lottery.

I also know that today will be the last reasonably warm day ~ about 74 degrees ~ before we start getting some much cooler weather, which I would prefer to avoid, if it was at all possible.

I know that the construction noise being produced by the Kroger expansion going on behind our property is going to be difficult today...excessive amounts of beeping, pounding and drilling. The noise is already driving our neighbor's dog crazy. He's howling. Poor guy. If I could howl that pathetically, I'd join him. My dog? Well, he's sound asleep on the chair next to me, snoring.

I know that Thanksgiving is coming so I am preparing the menu. I want to do something a little different this year. Maybe try a new appetizer, some different side dishes and skip the usual dessert. But you'll have to read my food blog, Terri's Table this afternoon to see what I've decided.

And I know we will not spend another Christmas by ourselves like we did last year. As I have mentioned before, the downturn in the economy really hit us hard. Our ability to travel to visit our sons and their families has been greatly curtailed. Our trip to Florida to visit Chris, Kelly and the kids was the first time in a year that Tom had spent time with them. He hasn't seen Mike, Kathy and their kids in almost two years, so that's where we will be spending Christmas. I hate having to make those kinds of choices, but at least this year we are able to scrape enough money together to make the trip.

Lastly, I know that I can finally put a chaotic, destructive part of my life completely behind me.

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altadenahiker said...

More good than bad, it sounds like.

Will check out the side dishes, because I am savory-inclined. I'll probably Like what's on offer...