Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Joke

Yesterday at 5:45pm we received an email from the Conway planning department informing us (the neighbors adjacent to the Kroger expansion) that a temporary certificate of operation would be issued to the gas, upscale fuel begin operation today.

Five pointed emails and twelve hours later, the temporary certificate of operation has been put on hold pending the HALF completion of the required protective barrier fencing required in the PUD stipulations.

I concede that the whole thing is basically bull shit. We, as the residents adjacent to the Kroger expansion, have apparently been charged with over-seeing the compliance of the Kroger expansion. This is not by our choosing. It is by default because of the complete inability and unwillingness of the current city council to rise to the challenge of doing their jobs and provide representation to those of us who have little or no power, i.e. gross amounts of money.

Since yesterday evening, I've sent no less than 6 or 7 emails, but none of which address the entire "we're getting screwed" scenario. We're in the middle of writing another email which addresses just that.

My lips are pursed. My teeth are clenched. I'm just pissed off. Stay tuned.

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