Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mishap in Margaritaville

I couldn't resist. I just read a short article on Huffington Post about Jimmy Buffett being hospitalized after falling onstage...

SYDNEY — Singer Jimmy Buffett fell off a stage at the end of a concert in Sydney and was rushed to the hospital.

Australia's Daily Telegraph reports that audience members saw the 64-year-old fall face first off the stage and hit his head.

Normally, I wouldn't find this sort of thing humorous, but the comments following the article were almost all related to his music and quite clever, so I am sharing a few of them with you.
  • He slipped on a cheeseburg­er in paradise!! (by ethiopia1a)
  • Sounds like somebody blew out a flip-flop stepping on a pop top. (by Ace of Spades)
  • No doubt a woman is to blame (by CP18)
  • Nahh...I bet he knows it's his own damn fault. (by tommytimp)
  • Changes in Latitudes.­.. A Change in ALTITUDE this time.... OUCH! (by Montcalms Revenge)
  • A Pirate Looks At 40 Feet! (by tuckgraph)
  • Cheeseburg­er in Traction (by Ace of Spades)
  • Come Monday, he'll be all right. (by Leela Bryant)
  • Faceburger in paradise. (by tommytimp)
and of course, the most obvious...
  • Wasted away again in Margaritav­ille?? (by demorick)
Okay, NOW I'm done for the day...

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