Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

It's January 2, 2011 so I suppose it's time to take down the Christmas decorations.


I just knew that the photo had to be the intro to this post when I saw it over at That Girl Runs. I couldn't resist the joke.

Tom took the outside decorations down last weekend. Yesterday we took down the fake Christmas tree, sealed it in the box and put it in the back of the Expedition to donate to Goodwill. No more fake trees for me.

The living room looks weird without the tree though. It's funny how you can become accustomed to something so quickly.

New Years Eve was uneventful. We had a wonderful meal. Tom made Beef Wellington and Mimosas. It was very enjoyable and relaxing, but we went to bed at our regular time and were up early the next morning.

Tom's work looks like it is picking up at least a little. He has a job next week and bid on another one when he finishes. A local developer talked to Tom before Christmas and proposed "a year's worth of work" to be discussed after the first of the year. It's officially "after the first of the year", but no phone call. I guess we'll just have to be patient and wait until next week when everyone goes back to work.

I didn't walk day before yesterday as I planned, so yesterday I walked for a full hour for 2.5 miles. It felt good. I'll do the same tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, and the Dude nearly met his death when he peed on my bedroom carpet. It was raining outside and we all know how much of an indoor dog he is and how little he appreciates the necessity of relieving himself outside, particularly in the rain.

If the Dude thought he could get away with it, he'd do exactly what the dog in the following video does about 1:24 into it:

Desperate behavior requires desperate measures. The Dude, from this moment on, will never leave my sight during a rain storm.

And, finally, I got the first coat of paint on the remainder of the kitchen cabinet doors. Tomorrow I will apply the second coat. I'm moving right along.

So far the new year has been okay.

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