Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 16 - Someone or something you definitely could live without.

From Thirty Days of Truth

Okay. I don't care what astronomers are now saying about the 'New' astrological signs caused by the change in the earth's rotation. According to the astronomers, my position in the zodiac has shifted from Gemini to Taurus. I don't believe that for a second. I do not have any Taurus traits. Just ask Tom. When I told him I was no longer a Gemini, he confirmed my own personal conclusion: "No way. You are a Gemini. Dual personality. Always have been, always will be." I'm going to assume he meant that in the most loving way.

I only bring this up because it is now the 16th day of my 30 days of truth and I'm getting bored with it. "Bored easily," a deep-rooted, fundamental and distinctive trait of those born under Gemini. See. It's inherent.

But, although I'm sort of getting bored by this whole thing, I will attempt to override my growing desire to abandon the whole project, albeit perhaps with a bit more sarcasm and irreverence.

Someone I could live without ~ Sarah Palin. Go. The. Hell. Away! If I never, ever see her face or hear her voice again in my lifetime it would be absolute proof that there is a God. I am astounded that any right-thinking person (and I don't mean political right, I mean right in the head as in 'sane') could ever take her seriously for even one nanosecond. She's more like a nasty, spiteful, narcissistic, oblivious, shrill and ignorant cartoon character. Wasn't she on South Park?

Something I could live without ~ ice storms, like the one we are supposed to have today. Sleet, freezing rain, slushy snow. Given a choice, I would opt for no cold weather at all. Living in Florida or southern California would definitely be my preference. However, if it is going to be freezing cold and snow, then let it snow with some damn purpose. Yes, if it is going to snow, I want a two feet of the fluffy white stuff covering the entire yard, big floaty white snowflakes, a cup of tea while sitting by a warm fire kinda storm. None of this frozen grass, patio-turned-ice-skating-rink, icicle laden trees crap.

Day 16...done.

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