Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's an Epidemic

I've been watching the news. It's making me cranky.

First, after the meeting with the President and the all the smoke and mirrors about how everything from here on out will be bipartisan and hunky-dory, 44 GOP senators sent a letter to Harry Reid, in essence, holding the extension of unemployment insurance ransom for the extension of tax cuts for the wealthy.

In the hearings on the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, John McCain said right to Admiral Mike Mullen's face that he, as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is not directly in charge of troops.

A struggling mother of five called Mitch McConnell's office to express her opinion about and ask that he not vote for the extension of the tax cuts for the wealthy. The person she spoke with in McConnell's Kentucky office simply told her that her "opinions did not matter to her or McConnell" and before the mom could respond, the person hung up on her. Undeterred, the mom called McConnell's Washington D.C. office and the volunteer who answered the phone told the mom that her "opinion did not matter and that the only opinions that mattered were those on Capitol Hill, the Senate and the House!"

I saw a clip of Jay Leno interviewing Mitt Romney, who said, with the sincerest smile he could muster, Sarah Palin is qualified to be President.

And, finally, Nicolle Wallace, former communications adviser to President Bush and a Republican I actually like (Wallace...not Bush), said this morning in an interview criticizing Palin that she admires Rush Limbaugh.

We need an national moratorium on stupid.

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altadenahiker said...

Oh god, don't get me started. You know I'll start to rant.