Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's a Thief in the Neighborhood

Thursday is trash pick up day.

Tom went out this morning to roll the large garbage can down the driveway to the curb and when he came back into the house...

TOM: I think someone is stealing our garbage.
ME: Why?
TOM: We don't have any bags of trash in the can. None.
ME: None?
TOM: Nope. I coulda sworn I took out a bag earlier this week with some meat scraps in it.
ME: No, that was last Thursday when you put out the trash in the morning.
TOM: Are you sure? We don't have any trash since then? No, I think somebody is stealing our trash.

Now, obviously, no one is stealing our trash. We are just doing a bang-up job of recycling. Yay for us!

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