Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Really, REALLY Have to Stop Reading the Local Newspaper

I really, really, REALLY do.

It's only 10:00am and I am pissed and sick to my stomach. Although I have to admit, I woke up in a crappy mood this morning because my favorite aunt's 80th birthday party is just over a week away and I can't go. Who would have ever thought at this stage in our lives we'd be worse off financially than we were 25 years ago.

But that is not what this post is about. I HAVE to stop reading the local newspaper. And I have decided to no longer post to my newspaper food blog because when I log on I see a headline and I'm too tempted to read the article and the comments.

It's the comments people post. They're hateful, ugly, inappropriate and sometimes completely bizarre. This morning was no different. I was going to post a recipe to my food blog and when I logged on I saw the headline: "Guards left inmates unwatched while prisoner slain"

Don't get me wrong. I don't have any objection to the man/victim being jailed. In fact, I believe that's where he belonged for the crimes he committed.

My objection to the story isn't even about the story. It's about the comments of my "fellow citizens."

Rather than to just provide a link to the story, I have copied it and the comments, word for word.

Log Cabin Democrat

Guards left inmates unwatched while prisoner slain

Posted: October 5, 2010 - 8:30am

FORT SMITH (AP) — A report by the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office says jailers left inmates unguarded for an hour during the time an inmate accused of sex crimes with children was strangled.

The Times Record in Fort Smith reports 64-year-old Gary Van Wolf was likely lured from his cell, strangled, then dragged back to his cell. The inmate was found dead Sept. 16.

The sheriff's office has named 25-year-old inmate Ashley Eugene Kaufman as the suspect in the death.

Wolf was charged with two counts of sexual assault for allegedly fondling two boys, something Kaufman learned when he and Wolf made video court appearances.

Three jail employees were reprimanded, but the report also cites problems of overcrowding and too few jail staff members.

Comments (5)

  • Hmmmmmm
    what a pity
    By Hmmmmmm | 10/05/10 - 12:12 pm

    they didn't do it sooner

  • rp42
    Sing this song
    By rp42 | 10/05/10 - 01:28 pm

    And another one bites the dust!

  • braydin
    I have to wonder...
    By braydin | 10/05/10 - 02:08 pm

    ...was this one of those opps we left them unattended wink wink

  • TheVoiceInYourHead
    Well, I hope the guards that
    By TheVoiceInYourHead | 10/05/10 - 03:40 pm

    Well, I hope the guards that left the inmates unattended are ready for jail. If you think child molesters get it bad in jail, wait until you see what happens to prison guards.

  • arkountrygirl
    Why are the guards in
    By arkountrygirl | 10/07/10 - 09:32 am

    Why are the guards in trouble? I'm so glad to know that some people still believe that we need to clear our jails of child molesters.Way to go Ashley Kaufman.Props to the man who thinks it is wrong to feed,shelter and cloth the child molesters of our communities.

    I'm sure if the judges and prosecutors would think about it they would love knowing that people like Ashley Kaufman are able to do what they can't do,get rid of animals like Gary Van Wolf.I understand that it is the job of the judges and prosecutors to give the system a chance to work but sometimes I think the system needs a little help.If an animal kills my livestock I have the right to put it down for being a danger to my livestock. I believe we should have the same right when it comes to our children.

What is it in a person's psycho/social makeup that makes them feel like this is okay?

What have we become?

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gina said...

You're right, Terri-those comments are appalling and so frustrating!