Saturday, July 10, 2010

Only in Arkansas

After an entire two weeks of bitching, moaning, crying, waling, yelling and throwing tantrums, Tom and I needed a light moment which he provided yesterday.

On his way to Little Rock, Tom was listening to the radio, a classic rock station. Mike Kennedy, the DJ during Tom's drive, is not from Arkansas...yep, another damn 'feriner' (foreigner) like us....but Kennedy has lived and worked here for a number of years. Yesterday morning Kennedy told the story of his 4th of July camping trip.

Kennedy was looking forward to a long, relaxing weekend of camping and boating. Friday evening he drove up to the Heber Springs campground which sits in a grove of trees on the shore of Greers Ferry Lake. After the long hour and a half drive, he finally pulled into his reserved camp site. As he was unloading his gear and setting up his camp site, he noticed in the camp site next to him a 36" flat screen television hanging from a tree by a ski rope. Sitting on the ground on either side of the television were two nice-sized stereo speakers. Kennedy's eyes followed the cables from the television to the ground, across the camp site and into the back of his new neighbor's pickup truck. In the truck bed, set up and pointing south for maximum reception, was his neighbor's Directv satellite dish. He shook his head and thought, "Only in Arkansas."

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