Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving Right Along...

Sorry about yesterday's rant, but if you've been reading my daily or almost daily grumblings you already know that I write first and think later! It's a bad habit, I know. But that is part of what makes me the lovable person I am.

I just finished a new workout, Jeff Galloway's 30/30 walk/run. I did 1.6 miles, about 30% of it is running. While I cool down (read: stop sweating like a pig), I thought I'd bring you up to date on a few things.

I think I mentioned that Tom sold his sailboat. We took the money from that sale and paid off our Expedition. That feels real good.

Tom also had his old Audi sold, but on the way to the new owner's home the transmission ~ you know, the one we just had rebuilt while the car was in the shop for almost 6 months ~ yeah, that transmission, failed. Tom went to the guy's house and had the car towed back to his shop. Remarkably, the guy still wants it, but rather than pay the dollar amount, he's going to help paint the rest of our house (he's a painter by trade)! Yay!!!

Painting is coming along, but slow. CG, the painter/new Audi owner, even said that what I've done so far looks really good (Oh, OW that is a long stretch to pat myself on the back)! Once the painting is done, we can install new floors. Once that is done, we are ready to put the house on the market.

My garden sucks! The greenery is growing fine, but very few fruit and vegetables are setting, except for the poblano peppers. They are still going like crazy. The heirloom tomatoes produced one cracked fruit and the rest of the blossoms are dropping like flies in a chemical fog. The other tomatoes that do manage to set are cracking and rotting on the vine before they even begin to turn red. My whole garden thinks it's already late August and time to stop producing because it's been too hot. We've had two months with temperatures over 90 and hovering around 100 nearly every single day. That's normal if it is August, but not June and July. It's so hot, expect to find boiled goldfish in the pond some evening when I go out to feed them.

We had some cloud cover yesterday afternoon, so I went out to the garden to tie up several of the tomato and pepper plants. Every time I work out there, I develop a nasty rash right at the base of my neck. I think my neighbor has sprayed her plants with some poison that I am allergic to. Her garden is just on the other side of the fence from my garden, so it's in very close proximity. Whatever we bring into the house from the garden, I wash really well just in case some of the alleged poison has crossed over and through the fence to my stuff.

I've cooled down some, so it's time for me to take a shower, but I want to leave you with one really cool thing. I already tweeted this yesterday, but it's so cool I didn't want anyone to miss it!

Some engineer built a Lego robot with an android smart phone brain that can solve a 7X7 Rubix cube.


altadenahiker said...

Here's one for you that a friend of mine posted.

Terri said...

That was so cool! Thanks for sharing it.