Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Don't Know How to Feel About This

We haven't been in a position like this since our sons were little, asking ourselves the question, "Are we going to survive this?"

The sagging economy has hit Arkansas...HARD. Tom has no work. I mean as in NO WORK. It just stopped all of a sudden. He has a couple of things lined up, but when those are done, there is nothing.

We had savings before we did the flip, but not much left now.

We are trying to get the house ready to sell so we can move to Florida, but in this market, I'm not sure what we will get from it, if we can even sell it. A house just down the street from us is on the market. We'll see how long it takes to sell. In any case, that's what we are doing this weekend: Painting, painting, painting.

Because of the repairs to the ski boat, Tom is selling his sailboat to offset the cost of those repairs. And, instead of having his old Audi repaired (who knows how much that would have cost), he's going to donate it to Car Angels.

I tried applying for jobs quite awhile back just to stay busy and engaged, but apparently no one wants an old lady with management experience...not even to answer phones and push paper.

It may just be my negativity getting the best of me. Generally, as work dries up, something quickly surfaces to take it's place. I hope that is the case now.

Gawd, I am so ready for both of us to retire!

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