Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Days I Just Have to Shake My Head in Disbelief

The Buzz is generally a sports/talk radio station here in Arkansas. Most of the show hosts are offensive, and that is being generous. One show in particular, Morning Buzz, is hosted by former Arkansas Razorback football *star* David Bazzel (as my 7 year old granddaughter Lily would say...Whoop Dee Do!) and the man ONLY a mother could love (probably after repeatedly ditching him several times as a child, only to find that he found his way home) Tommy Smith. Smith was a show host on another radio station a few years back, but was fired because he was caught passing out gay porno DVD's to minors at Conway's Gay Pride Parade... oh and also because he tells offensive, sexist and racist jokes.

So, annually, those two neanderthals take Arkansas back to the dark ages and into the nasty-ass cesspool with them when they host the "Babe Bracket," a contest which demeans female media reporters and anchors and undermines their credibility by pitting the women against each other to determine who is the "hottest" one. Even more offensive is that the "winners" seem genuinely proud and appreciative.

The Arkansas Times article quotes Bazzel...

“This is just a fun, silly, guy-thing for us to do. We're a guy station,” says Bazzel. “I can give you the list of past winners: Karen Fuller, Dawn Scott, Anne Jansen, Christina Munoz. And my point is, how much credibility have those girls lost for two weeks out of the year?”
These guys are just a couple of freakin' idiots...

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