Thursday, February 11, 2010

It Started When He Said He Wanted to Watch Curling...

Friday night is the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. I always like watching it - the big ceremony before the games begin.

At lunch today I mentioned to Tom that the ceremony was Friday night and we ought to Tivo it if we weren't going to watch it live. Tom said he also wanted to make sure to Tivo some of the events.

ME: Really? Which ones? And I'm think he will say downhill skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, luging ~ stuff like that.
TOM: Curling is one

I just looked at him without expression, but I was thinking You've got to be kidding. Pushing a little black thing around the ice with a broom???? booorrriiinnnggg!

TOM: Do you know what curling is?
ME: Yes

As if he didn't hear me say yes, he said by way of explanation, "Do you remember that movie "Men With Brooms?"

ME: Yes. Boring.
TOM: Oh, really? I thought it was great.
ME: Well, of course you did. Because it is rare indeed that he doesn't think any movie is great.
TOM: It's sort of the same principle as that old school yard game, carrom.
ME: What's that?
TOM: You don't know what carrom is?
ME: No. I've never even heard of it.

With that, he threw his head back, rolled his eyes, opened his mouth and groaned, Oh my God.. He's such a freakin' drama queen.

TOM: You've never heard of the game of carrom?. It has a board with little cups at each corner. It's played sort of like shuffleboard. You've played shuffleboard, right?
ME: No. I've seen it, but I've never played it.
TOM: You've never played shuffledboard?? Oh my God! More throwing of the head and rolling of the eyes.
ME: Look, dude, I come from a game challenged family. My grandmother was the person who taught me to play solitaire and how to work cross word puzzles. The only card games my parents ever played was poker and pinochle and they did that with their friends until we were old enough to put our money on the table along with theirs. You taught me how to play gin rummy. The first time I played Scrabble was with my grandmother. I think the only game my sisters and I ever played was Monopoly, and I think my Aunt Sally & Uncle Don gave us that game for Christmas one year. We didn't play games in my house ~ at least not those kind of games anyway.
TOM: Jeez. We played all sorts of games when I was growing up.

He just loves to rub stuff in, but I just consider the source. After all, this is a guy who thinks curling is an exciting sport.

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