Monday, December 21, 2009

On The Road Again

This morning about 7:45AM we began our Christmas vacation. We'll spend Christmas with our youngest son and his family in Savannah, GA, then a week in Clearwater Beach, FL. Two weeks of fun.

We stopped at a gas station in Mississippi and as Tom climbed back into the car after visiting the men's room, he was chuckling.

TOM: (In the best southern accent he could muster) They got Gen-U-Ine Horny Goat condoms in the men's bathroom.
ME: Horny Goat condoms? I guess just in case one of the guy's has the desire to "meet"(okay, I didn't say "meet". I was much more direct...and crude) a goat in the barn.

We are spending the night in Pell City, Alabama and ate dinner at a small Chinese restaurant. Regional tastes always surprise me. I tried selecting healthy choices with lots of vegetables and very little meat, but everything I tried was filled with sugar - Beef with Broccoli with sugar??? Yep. I finally settled on Three Flavors, which included chicken, beef and shrimp (I think) with lots of cabbage and zucchini and just a little sauce (no sugar).

Tomorrow we finish our drive to Savannah and are looking forward to an evening carriage ride through historic Savannah a couple hours after we arrive. The ride has been arranged by Chris' father-in-law.

For tomorrow night's dinner? Well, we'll leave that to Chris. Although he is an awesome cook, we'll probably eat pizza and drink a little wine sitting outside at the City Market.

It's hard to fathom the northeast is experiencing freezing temperatures and digging out of record snow while we enjoy highs in the low 60's. How lucky can we get??

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