Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Couch-2-5K, Week 2, Day 2 and a Rant

I'm doing much better than I thought I would. I started Week 2 on Monday, walked when I was supposed to walk and ran when I was supposed to run. I am passing the 3/4 mile marker on the 3rd run (finishing the 3rd run is half-way through and the 3/4 mile marker is my usual turnaround spot for Week 1), so I'm going a little further because I am running one minute longer than Week 1. Plus, the tempo of the music is a little faster, so my walks are faster than Week 1.

I still struggle with wanting to push myself to run every day, but I am sticking to the plan: 3 times a week with a day in between each one to let my body recover. But, you know, I'm 62 (soon to be 63) and I'm not so sure my body understands recovery mode any more.

After my shower and some lunch, I went to church to work on the newsletter, but there is something wrong with the computer I use there. Tammy thinks it might have been a power surge because of the lightening storms we had last week. I think she might be right. She decided to go home and get a disc to do some diagnostics on it, so I left early and stopped at the store (Kroger ~ I'm naming names) on the way home just for a couple of things.

At the check out, the cashier runs all of my items (romaine, bread, avocados, green chilis), the bagger puts them in two bags (when one would have been fine), then I pay for my items with a $20 bill and open my hand to receive my change.

Now, first of all, I hate it when the cashier shoves the receipt and change in my hand all at the same time. It's like Here's your change, here's your receipt, get out of the way! Which means, I am standing there with one hand full of change and paper and the other hand holding an open wallet, ready to put my money away and get out of the way! But now I have to find a place for the receipt so I can put my money away and it's either shove it in a bag, which is usually out of reach in the buggy in front of me, or shove it in my purse, or wad everything together in a ball shove it in my wallet and sort it out after I've left the cashier's lane and I'm in the middle of the exit aisle.

I don't know about you, but my wallet has specific places for bills and coins, so I have to put the coins in a zipper pouch and the bills inside my wallet. But, you know what? It doesn't really freakin' matter, because once the cashier hands me my change and receipt, before I can even shove the whole mess in my wallet or purse or bag, and sometimes even before the bagger has removed my bags from the checkout belt in front of the cashier, that cashier is already checking somebody else through and the next customer is nudging their buggy uncomfortably close to my ass in order to intimidate me to move the hell out of the way!

I know I'm old, but I'm not so old that it takes me 15 minutes to put my change back into my purse. I'm a person who's almost always in a hurry, too, so I try to move as fast as I can...coins in the pocket, zip it up (so all my change doesn't fall out in the bottom of my purse when I toss it back in), shove the bills inside the wallet, crumpling them up just so I can close my wallet without ripping the corners off the bills (no, I don't have to put them in order of denomination; I wait until I'm home to do that), shove the receipt in my purse (anywhere in my purse, I'm not fussy), then grab my buggy and move out of the way of the next customer's buggy that is now actually bumping me in the ass. Oh, Sorry, ma'm... she says like she's surprised her buggy hit me. Oh, sure. I wanted to turn around and ask her if she'd bump her mother in the ass with a cart like that...but I didn't.

As much as I dislike shopping at Wally World (yes, WalMart), at least they will load the groceries (or bags of whatever junk I've purchased) from that rotary bag thingy to my buggy while I'm putting my change away and the cashier and I generally finish at just about the same time. More often than not, I'm done first and help load the rest of the bags in the buggy.

I don't know where I'm going with this. Looks like nowhere because there's no way to finish a rant except to say "I hate grocery shopping!" Okay, I'm done for now...

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