Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The two rules of procrastination: 1) Do it today. 2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow. ~ Author Unknown

It is almost 9:30am... actually 9:27am to be exact. I've been up since about 7:00am and already posted on my food blog (if you want to read it, the link is on the sidebar). Karen is still in bed but her alarm will probably go off in about three minutes. I am still in my pajamas, sitting at the computer with a fresh cup of coffee and a date scone, a batch of which I made day before yesterday. Looks like I will be here awhile.

I am procrastinating ~ oops, there goes Karen's alarm. I should be in and out of the shower by now and getting some work done; some stuff for Tom's business (just simple bookkeeping and bill paying) and then starting my Christmas baking, but I'm not in the mood. I don't know why.

Funny thing, I'm not depressed. I know I've written before about my annual looming HOLIDAY DEPRESSION echo, echo, echo... But it has yet to set in and Thanksgiving is over and we are well on our way to Christmas. That's a good thing, but I'm still procrastinating. I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet. I have no idea...literally NO IDEA...what to get some family members. I guess I'll just wing it. If they love it, great! If they don't... well I guess they just don't. And, like most everyone (except those nutty Black Friday shoppers), we are cutting back quite a bit on gift giving this year.

Yesterday I spent nearly the entire day in front of the computer doing genealogy work for my side of the family and late in the day came across another family tree that has traced my Dad's side of the family all the way back to our great great great great grandparents in Norway and Denmark as early as 1737! Yes, six generations, counting my Dad and his Dad. I was so excited! Now, I just have to find of my Grandmothers' families.

Our Christmas decorations are up, including our Christmas tree. I'll post pictures later this week. Tom put up the all of the outside stuff really early this year, so we were able to relax for the entire four day Thanksgiving holiday, except for Thanksgiving Day, of course. Unfortunately, I got one of my back spasm thingys, but I was able to pinpoint why I get them so I will be able to hopefully avoid them in the future. The reason is not very interesting, so I won't even bother to post it here (that is, unless you all complain about me not posting it). Anyway, I spent the better portion of Thanksgiving evening with an ice pack on my back and then a hot pad, and did the same on Friday. By Saturday, I was a lot better, but we realized that four days - okay, technically three days - with nothing planned is, in a word, BORING. I finally took the opportunity to just sit quietly and read. It was like taking a deep breath. I nearly finished my book on Sunday and by Monday I felt energized and ready for the month of December.

So, as I have been writing this, I have also been doing some Christmas shopping (I had a couple of bright ideas ~ at least hopefully the recipients will think so). Now I am almost done (thank God for the internet) and it really is time to take a shower, put a load in the washer and get to work.

Have a great day!

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