Friday, August 8, 2008

Some Things Friday for August 8, 2008

I am tired today. I haven't had a decent nights sleep all week. I don't know if it because it has been so hot or I am just getting freakin' old, but I am very tired.

Last week I primed the kitchen cabinets, so the first part of this week I started painting them. I was able to get two coats of paint on the uppers. Next week I will do the lower cabinets.

I mentioned here that Tom took the cabinet doors to have them sanded, primed and drilled. Well, they are done already. So when I finish painting the lower cabinets, I will paint the doors. Then we will be ready to put the doors back on the cabinets. Whooo Hooo !! It's only been almost a year since I took the old doors off the cabinets.

So, can you tell I'm in a pissy mood? Even though our 100+ weather has broken (it should be about 90 degrees for the rest of the weekend and all next week), I'm still in a bad mood. This morning at 6:10AM I was yelling at the guy on the television for being so stupid and pronouncing a word incorrectly. Tom called me out and said I was an "anger ball." He's right. I need to get back to my Couch-2-5K program; I need to finish working on this dang house; I need to sell our flip; I need my shoulder to heal; I need a decent nights sleep. Am I asking for too much?

Some Things I Love:

1. We are going to the lake again tomorrow, where I will sit in the water in my new floaty, probably get sunburned again and blister and peel (oops, sorry, this is things I love)... so this is my new floaty, complete with drink holder:

I just tie a rope to the handle so I don't float off into the middle of the lake and Oi la! Complete relaxation.

2. I was going through all of my computer files and came across a couple of pictures of artwork done by Susan Rios. This is one of my favorites. It's titled, Catalina:

So, I combed the internet and copied a bunch of pictures of her paintings and they are now in a file I use as my screensaver.

3. Shopping for books.

4. When Tom cooks. Last weekend, he made Paella and it was awesome. You can read about it on my food blog, but here's a photo of the finished product, just to make your mouth water a little:

5. It is pretty cool that my hit counter on both of my blogs records every visitor's city and how they found my blog. Besides regular visitors who visit using my web address, by far, the most hits I get on my food blog are as result of someone googling "Mexican marinated carrots" or "upset stomach diarrhea." Go figure that one out.

Some Things I Hate:

1. What is not so cool is when I see that someone has googled my name, looking specifically for me. It's actually happened four or five times. That's kind of spooky.

2. Tom is a movie buff. Well, not just a movie buff. He's rather obsessive about it. Oh...My...God... he will watch just about anything. That's not what I hate. What I hate is that he will watch really, really bad movies all the way through, then when it's over and he's seen the whole thing, he'll say, "That was awful." Last night he rented Nim's Island (Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin). By the time we were halfway through it, I felt like I was being dragged on my stomach through glass ~ it was that bad! So the conversation went like this:

Me: Are you going to watch this whole thing?
Tom: Huh?
Me: Tom, this is a really awful movie!
Tom: Yeah, I know.
Me: Then why are we watching it?
Tom: I thought maybe it would get better.
Me: Like when? At the end? Can we watch something else, please!
Tom: (reluctantly) Okay.

3. Have you seen that new program, Wipeout? I have... once.

4. Who in their right mind would pay $2.69 each for an avocado?? Not me. But that's the going rate at our local market, Kroger. And, $.99 each (not a pound...each) for oranges. Uh NO!

5. Science Friday on National Public Radio. I never knew how boring science could be until I listened to that program one afternoon. Ugh!!

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. Headline: "Suri Cruise STILL Drinks From a Bottle!" Why is that any of our business? It seems to me that Tom & Katie are Suri's parents and they are free to raise their child as they see fit, absent abuse. Coulda, woulda, shoulda....shut up, already, and back off.

2. The other day I heard some talking head say that Brett Favre (formerly retired Green Backer Packer, now unretired and traded to the New York Jets) should have stayed retired because he is too old to play. Huh? He's in his 30's and in top physical condition. What's the guy supposed to do for the rest of his life ~ like 50 more years? Knit?

3. Reading the comments on some of the news articles concerning Oprah's impact on Obama's campaign, you will find that people actually admit that they voted for Obama because Oprah told them to. Is this any way to elect a president?

4. Photos of a two-faced kitten made front page news on the internet ~ front page? Somebody please explain to me what makes an animal born with some sort of a deformity important news.

5. Well, finally, it has been decided that Bill Clinton will speak at the Democratic convention. As if there were any doubt, given that he is the only 2-term Democratic president since FDR and is still immensely popular. That there was even a question as to whether or not he'd have a significant role at the convention shows how petty and irresponsible they are. But, here's the deal ~ I think this will actually turn out to be bad news for The Precious. Tuesday is Hillary's night. She will be incredible and there will be many who will wish she was the nominee. Wednesday will be Bill's night and whoever the VP is will follow him. That's like having the Rolling Stones as an opening act. The VP candidate will pale in comparison to William Jefferson Clinton. Thursday, all of the Hillary voters will tune out completely, and Obama will be speaking only to his converts. The reality here is, nothing either Hillary or Bill say can make me or others like me vote for Obama. They will only make him look like a lesser candidate than he already does even while praising him. Only Obama can convince me to vote for him, but he has failed at that task so miserably that I now turn him off with the remote as quickly as I turn off Bush. Throw in the abominable "free speech zones," and I feel like I am watching the Gestapo rather than my long-time party. Good luck Democrats, you are going to need it.

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