Friday, June 6, 2008

Some Things Friday for June 6, 2008

What a week, huh? Depending on which Democratic candidate you support (if any), it could have been good or bad. But, since this is my blog and I am not a journalist, I get to be biased.

She Was Robbed !!

I feel better now and I'm done with my temper tantrum.

Okay, I was wrong. He wasn't going to drop out, but, honestly, I don't think he can win without Hillary and her supporters. No, I do not think she should be his VP. If he loses, they will blame her and she will never be able to run again. So, tomorrow she suspend her campaign and according to all reports with give her full support to BO.

Just remember: Suspending vs Conceding; Supporting vs Endorsing

Denver is a long way away. And, as I said a couple of days ago, the rumors are still flying around about the "Michelle Obama Whitey Rant Tape." Even in Britain, journalists are reporting the rumors.

Anyway, on with it...

Some Things I Love:

1. A little while ago I finished Day 4 and tomorrow is the last day of the repeat of my first week of the Couch-2-5K. Whooo Hoooo! I did it!

2. The marina called and they have another slip, (this one covered) for the ski boat, so we will have both boats there. We will put the ski boat back in the water tomorrow I think.

3. So, I am thinking that our kitchen countertop fiasco might finally be coming to a close and we will finally receive reimbursement. Almost a year ago, we had granite countertops installed in our kitchen. Wrong granite! Wrong pattern! The company didn't get the final check, but did get a deposit. Took them to small claims court last September; they didn't respond to complaint; we got default judgment; they appealed, but didn't show for two separate hearings; judge dismissed appeal and sent back to district court; they file bankruptcy; Tom remembers liability insurance ~ our work done June 25th, their insurance policy canceled July 3rd for non-payment ~ underwriter came out yesterday and took photos; he says it might be over in a couple of weeks! Yeah!!!

4. I was asked to provide some photos for an event and had a lot of fun looking through a large storage box of old family photos. Tom and I sat in the den and with stacks of loose photos and envelopes in our laps, looked through each one. I came across this photo of my dad on the beach in Mexico in 1981. It's one of my favorites.

5. Judging from those I have encountered on Democratic forums, the BO supporters are pretty immature. I've never seen such inappropriate rantings within the Democratic party. So much so, that I have stopped even going in to some groups on some of my favorite websites. But, today I came across probably the very best response to an immature Obamabot ranting on Larry Johnson's No Quarter. Larry, an unapologetic Hillary supporter, received the following email:

"Subject: you sir, are a flaming asshole"

"Crawl in a hole and bury yourself. You f–king toolbag."

Larry Johnson replied:

Thanks. Sounds like a fascinating new treatment for hemorrhoids. Do you have any recommendations on soil type? Should the hole be in red clay or is sand okay? Glad to know Senator Obama is surrounded by such articulate, intelligent souls. I want to be like you when I grow up.


What's the phrase that the kids use? Booyah!

Some Things I Hate:

1. No matter what news or blog I read on the internet, all the BO supporters are pissed off at Hillary and keep calling for her to rally her supporters behind BO. Excuse me, but take a flying leap! Wasn't he the candidate who preached "unity" and apparently believes he has the skills to "unify"? Then, dude, it is on you! That's part of the job; you know, getting people behind your policies and decisions. You want to be Head Dude? Well, do the Head Dude thing. If you can't, move over.

2. What the hell is wrong with journalists?

For all the MSM adulation of the unity candidate, there sure is a lot of exclusionary and elitist language and behavior. They wouldn't think of calling Obama or any other African-American "colored" or any other derogatory remark on national television, but this was okay?

3. Why is it that some men feel the need to take all the credit for a woman's accomplishments and the sexist Media cannot give a woman credit where credit is due. The first paragraph in an article on states, "In the end, the same man who ushered Hillary Clinton into electoral politics nine years ago pushed her out." Charlie Rangel DID NOT usher Hillary Clinton into presidential politics. He may have been a loyal colleague who supported Hillary's plans to run for President, but the fact is that Hillary has been planning her presidential run since 1992, when her husband ran for President. That the Media gives Rangel credit for Hillary's run for the presidency and Rangel does absolutely nothing to dissuade the story makes me want to rip his lips off.

4. This morning I planned for dinner and stopped at the store on my way to the trail for my workout. When I got home I took the chicken breasts out of the freezer and put them in the marinade. I cut the goat cheese rounds to get them ready to roll in the bread crumbs for frying for the salad, then came in the office to start writing. When Tom got home a little while ago, he asked what I wanted for dinner. I told him in detail what I had planned and then, not ten minutes later, he walked into the office to share some news and when he was done talking, our conversation sounded like this:

Me: Um....Never mind, I answered my own question before I asked it.

Tom: What? What were you going to ask me?

Me: Nothing.

Tom: Now you have me curious. What was your question?

Me: [Long pause] What do you want for dinner?

I hate it when that happens.

5. Finally, my last "hate." Okay, I admit it. I'm a poor loser. Hillary was my candidate (when Al Gore didn't run). She won the popular vote and the DNC gave the nomination to BO. I hate that. I hate losing. There, I said it, but that doesn't make me a bad person.

Some Things I Just Don't Get:

1. Ed McMahon's house is in foreclosure?? How can you earn millions of dollars over a twenty year period and be so far in debt that you may lose your home? I guess "living within your means" applies to everyone.

2. The Huffington Post is reporting a study has found that the world needs $45 Trillion to fight global warming. What do the Republicans do this morning? What any good Republican-with-his/her-head-in-the-sand would do ~ block the Senate global warming bill. My grandchildren and potential great grandchildren just can't thank them enough.

3. Oil prices jumped again today to a record high of $137 a barrel, stocks plummeted and the jobless rate rose to 5.5%. Yesterday, foreclosures reached a record $1 Million. How can our illustrious leader say with a straight face that we are not in a recession? That was a rhetorical question. I know the answer. It has to do with diminished brain cells.

4. This week, Brigette Bardot was convicted of provoking discrimination and racial hatred and with nearly every article everywhere this photo appeared:

But did the comments people were making pertain to her conviction? Of course not. The were preoccupied with her looks: "Puffy," "she needs animal tested cosmetics - YIKES," "aged poorly," "wrinkled," "eeek!," "worn out pair of alligator boots." This woman is in her mid-70's, for crying out loud. What is she supposed to look like? This??

I prefer wrinkles and puffy, thank you.

5. Alright. I've had enough. They've gone too far! In this report, doctors are calling my precious, stylish, multi-colored, beaded, gem-embellished, shell-studded, flat, wedged or high heeled flip flops dangerous! STOP IT!! Fingers in the ears, la la la la la la la, I'm not listening, I can't hear you!

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