Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All respect comes from persisting to completion. ~ Melissa Lima

I just had to make a note of this.

Yesterday, while I was getting everything ready for dinner, I was watching CNN's The Situation Room and pundits from "the best political on television" were discussing Senator Clinton's complaint that the campaign has been fraught with sexism. Of course, I can't link to any story on CNN's website because the story is gone, as fast as it appeared, to make room for any small, insignificant tidbit about the Anointed One.

So... as Wolf Blitzer, Jack Cafferty, Gloria Borger and some other pundit were winding down their discussion and dissection of what appeared to be the humorous "sexism" charges, Gloria Borger made the a comment about Senator Clinton's demeanor to which Cafferty replied to Borger, "Don't worry, Gloria. You're prettier than her."

But, HELL NO, there's no sexism!!!

And they wonder why women of my generation are so pissed off and are signing petitions; sending letters and emails to the media; and sending letters and emails to the Democratic National Committee.

But, oh, when the Anointed One has a complaint that someone is dissing his wife ~ who is stumping out on the campaign trail on his behalf ~ he goes on tv and demands that "they" lay off his wife.

And you can still find stories all over the internet about it. Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!

I will finish with a quote from that radical, liberal, feminist writer of the 70's, Erica Jong, but whattaya know, she is still writing and writing very well, thank you. She recently wrote a blog for the Huffington Post. These are the last few words.

"The truth is we know about her -- and we know very little about Obama. That alone makes her detractors scream: Get Out! Off the stage with you! Give us that hot new boy! Give us that sepia Brad Pitt! Old women are so over!

OK sweetie, we'll step aside. Watch your own cauldron bubble. You're in a heap of trouble -- and you don't even know it."

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