Sunday, January 13, 2008

Do you know the fastest way to get a flat stomach? Lay on your back! ~ Susan Powter

If only it were that easy!

Today, Tom and I started the full-on Week 1 of the Couch-2-5K program from

Okay, so "full-on" is a matter of perspective. For a seasoned runner, eight intervals of 60 seconds worth of running won't even make her breathe hard. I was breathing hard. Now that I am home and sitting down, I am sweating profusely, my glasses are fogging up from the moist air exuding from my body and the outside of my calves are throbbing (Wha..Wha..Wha..Wha - Yes, that is supposed to represent the throbbing). But, I met my goal and completed all eight intervals.

So, on the side bar is this week's schedule. That is our schedule and we're sticking to it!

As a side note, Tom laid more tile in the kitchen and dining room yesterday. It's not finished yet. We haven't even taken the little rubber spacer thingies out yet, but it's close and I can start grouting tomorrow.

Next weekend Tom will finish the perimeter and underneath the hutch, stove and refrigerator. Wooo Hooo! When that is done, he will start building the doors for the cabinets.

Priming and painting is on my agenda for the next several weeks; that includes scraping and prepping the popcorn ceilings. Hack. Gag. Cough. What a nasty ass job. The woman who lived here before us not only had very tacky taste in paint colors, vinyl floor patterns and anything else within the realm of interior design, she was also a smoker ~ a very heavy smoker. So, moistening and scraping into a bucket the yellow-brown stained ceiling popcorn that is permeated with cigarette smoke is, in a word, GROSS! But, it has got to be done and I have been selected "resident scraper." Okay, mostly because if it were Tom making the decision whether to scrape or not to scrape, he would say don't scrape, just paint. I get to do it because I want to have it done. I win by default.

Well, I've stopped sweating and my glasses have stopped fogging up. Now I can take a shower, after which I will put a tray of mixed olives, almonds, herbs, and olive oil in the oven for slow roasting. You will be able to see the recipe for Slow Roasted Olives on my other blog, Terri's Table probably sometime next week.

You notice I've said nothing about all the politics surrounding New Hampshire... there, I've gone and slipped it in. Anyway, I will save that for another time... like tomorrow.

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Perry said...

Good luck with the 5K training. As a seasoned runner of 23 marathons, I still find intervals hard.

Joggle on.